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In great art there is some mysterious confluence of the formal elements that creates a harmonious visual experience. Beyond the visual, some art can evoke heightened consciousness for the viewer. Even if it just lasts an instant, there is a euphoric sense of connection. It is an elusive ideal, but working with the right intention, an artist may occasionally attain it.

Minimal art dealt with a new vision of beauty that was austere; elemental. It also opened possibilities for experiential phenomena to occur. In the presence of the art object, the viewer may experience a heightened awareness of spaces, colors, or other qualities of the site.

I am interested in the interaction of color and in very structured composition. I enjoy the experiential quality - such as a glow - that often results. I believe in making art that has a simple, positive, peaceful presence.







Born 1962, Jacksonville, FL

MS, Special Education
Florida International University, 1999

MA, Art Education
University of New Mexico 1994

BFA, Fine Art
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 1986

Solo Shows:

2008 evocation
            Dorsch Gallery, Miami FL

2006 urban structure and ephemera
            Dorsch Gallery, Miami FL

2004 Emanation: Color Pencil Drawings
            Dorsch Gallery, Miami FL

Group Shows:

2012 Reductive
            Jeffrey Leder Gallery, Long Island City, N.Y.

2007 Dade Art Educators Association
            The ATII Show / MOCA Pavillion

2007 Breaking the Waves
            Dorsch Gallery, Miami, FL

2006 20 Questions
            Dorsch Gallery, Miami, FL

2005 Abstract Perception: Three Views
            Miami International University of Art and Design

2004 till the end of the year
            Dorsch Gallery, Miami, FL

2003 Code
            Dorsch Gallery, Miami, FL 





























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